Top handbag trends to know

19 Apr, 2021 - Ecommerce


As we're stepping out into the sun again, our accessories are in the spotlight once more – and our handbags are no exception. So check out these handbags trends as we re-emerge into normalcy. 

Utility and comfort

Totes and satchels make it extremely easy to travel with style without compromising on comfort. These carry-alls also give you a laid back vibe that matches the season. 

Keep it minimal

Slings or cross-body bags are here to stay, especially with more and more people fancying the minimal accessories look nowadays. Avoid the bulk for a cute little handbag that features minimum space but maximum style. 

Vibrant, fun colours

Add a splash of colour to your outfit with blue, red and peach coloured bags. Paired with chains, it makes a bold, covetable style statement.

Vegan and cruelty-free

Environment-friendly handbags are all the rage among planet-conscious women now. 

Bear these top trends in your mind when you step out to be at your finest.