Tips on choosing the perfect evening bag

19 Apr, 2021 - Ecommerce

Accessories complete your outfit and round out your look of the day – or the evening. And most important of them is The Bag. 

The perfect evening bag can transform you into a diva. On the other hand, the wrong bag can throw your look off, causing some awkwardness to accompany you throughout the evening. 

You need not worry though, as few simple tips can save you from the accessories malfunction.

  1. Pay attention to the colours, patterns and textures. Simple, solid bags in vibrant colours may draw attention while neutral and soothing colours simply complement the outfit.

  2. Bold colours, patterns and textures make a mark when you're donning a solid dress with few frills to attract the eyeballs. 

  3. Size matters when it comes to picking the perfect evening bag. For a petite person, a smaller clutch works better than a longer, wider or bigger clutch which would be better suited to a taller person. Unless you're going for a dramatic look, a bag that's proportionate to your own body size will look great. 

  4. Pick a bag that's not only stylish but also utilitarian and functional. A versatile leather bag or sling may be suitable in work settings or casual dinners whereas a glittery clutch may only be fit for a party. Similarly, take the season, event and outfit style into account before heading out. 

  5. The final tip is to pick something that makes you feel confident and beautiful. It's important that each element of your attire reflects a part of you and feels comfortable to carry. 


With these simple tips, you can own the evening with all eyes on you.